Guitar Guard Global


Welcome to Guitar Guard Global. Our goal is to keep you playing without worrying about damaging your instrument . Our Guitar Buckle Guard is designed and intended to be used with strap locks while playing and taken off afterwards and then your guitar can be stored as you normally would. You can continue to clean and polish at intervals as you normally would.


“The Guitar Guard is a great product. I normally wouldn’t even think of this, but when I have a $2k instrument strapped around me it makes sense to protect the finish from my belt. Also helps keep the guitar in position when playing – an added benefit. Overall, I think this is a smart product to help protect your gear…”

– Will Macia


It all began when my wife and I were looking for my first Les Paul. After searching the internet for a used one and being very particular (my nature) we found a 2007 Black Beauty that plays like butter and sounds incredible and on top of that had no signs of damage. The finish was just like new!

I love to play and became very aware that if I wanted to keep it looking new I always had to check what I was wearing and either remove  the items that came into contact with the guitar or put a sweatshirt on that covered these things from damaging the beautiful finish.

We began to search for something that would protect the finish on guitars from the abrasive items we wear such as buckles, buttons, etc.

Finding nothing that would provide adequate protection we set out to design one.

After 3 years of R&D, patents, etc,   our  company is now ready to provide guitar enthusiast who want to play their instruments and still protect their investments as much as possible with the very best product available that will do just that!