“The Guitar Guard is a great product. I normally wouldn’t even think of this, but when I have a $2k instrument strapped around me it makes sense to protect the finish from my belt. Also helps keep the guitar in position when playing – an added benefit. Overall, I think this is a smart product to help protect your gear…”

– Will Macia


“This is a great idea for protecting the finish on that special guitar from buckle rash and other damage. It requires no modification of the instrument”. A real innovation!

Phil Sanfilippo 


Can’t say enough good things about this company and the people who run it ! If you own a guitar or bass you need to check them out ! And protect that axe !

Tom Logsdon  Crow Souls


Wish I had this protector years ago , Would have kept some nice Gibson’s from looking like crap. Would have kept a higher value when I sold them. Thanks for thinking of us !

Dan Pedigrew